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Car 100

DepotConstruction08-62Car 100, a private executive car, was built in 1886 for the Ringling Bros. With a cherry wood interior, it is one of the America’s most elegant rail cars. Later it was sold to the Georgia & Florida to provide animal feed for the circus and help with the business of expanding the G&F through out the South East.

Once you enter Car 100, you’ll feel the presence of the nation’s legendary deal makers like Diamond Jim Brady and John Skelton Williams, who slept, ate, conducted business and swapped stories in Car 100 in high style during the Gilded Age.

Car 100 has a large parlor,  dining room, 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms, kitchenette, office.

It’s the perfect setting for the CEO conducting a meeting at The Depot or the newly-wed train enthusiast.Car100

You will be able to create your own legendary deals by reserving Car 100 for your next important meeting. Car 100 and The Depot will create the ambience for your success.