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Vulcan Locomotive

DSC00019Our Vulcan is the very definition of a pufferbelly, a real workhorse with its massive wooden beam across the front and saddle tanks. The 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive #1 was built by the Vulcan Iron Works, Wilkes Barre, PA in 1926.  It spent most, if not all, of its working life switching carloads of lime stone at the Marble Cliff Stone Quarry located on the northwest side of Columbus.  The locomotive would move stone hauling cars from the quarry to the processing plant and also switched or interchanged carloads of limestone with the New York Central Railroad.

VulcanLoco-Move-Jul08-67The locomotive was donated to the Ohio Railway Museum in the mid 1950s and was rebuilt to operating condition by the New York Central at the railroad’s West Columbus Yard and roundhouse.  The locomotive operated at the museum from the time of its arrival until the late 1960s when its flue time ran out and a crack developed in its firebox.  The locomotive was used in switching operations at the museum and enjoys the distinction of pulling a much larger steam locomotive, the N&W 578, into the museum in 1959.  The locomotive has remained static display since its shutdown in the late 1960s.

Currently it is on indefinite loan from the Ohio Railway Museum at The Depot where it is enjoyed by all.


Builder: Vulcan Iron Works, Wilkes Barre, PA
Date: December, 1926
Builder’s Number: 3431
Standard Gauge: 4′ 8-1/2″
Cylinders: 14″ x 22″
Weight on Drivers: 80,000 lbs
Driver Diameter: 38″
Height: 11′ 8″
Width: 8′ 10″
Length: 23′ 6″
Working Pressure: 150 p.s.i.
Water Tank Capacity: 1,250 gallons
Fuel: Coal
Coal Bunker Capacity: 1 ton

Rail history like #1 help our visitors “Think Outside The Boxcar” and make all events The Depot memorable. Immerse yourself, guests or colleagues in history and enjoy the “campus”.